Build VCL application for macOS and Linux

Start building macOS and Linux VCL apps with Embarcadero Delphi and CrossVcl

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Native Look & Feel

Only real native controls are used as wrappers for standard VCL controls if possible.


Real cross-platform developement, focus on your app and CrossVcl makes it for macOS and Linux.

Work in RAD Studio

Code and debug your app in Delphi IDE. All RAD Studio features are available.

CrossVCL Patcher App

CrossVCL Patcher is a powerful tool to patch RTL,VCL sources and 3rd-Party Components.

One framework for all platforms

Using CrossVcl you focus only on your VCL application and CrossVcl makes it cross-platform.

Win API bridge

CrossVcl provides low-level Windows API bridge to macOS and Linux.

Native Controls

CrossVcl provides native macOS equivalents for almost all standard controls like TEdit, TMemo, TComboBox etc.

Native Graphics

TCanvas and TBitmap behave on macOS and Linux like on Windows.

Custom Controls

Many custom controls work on macOS and Linux like on Windows unchanged.

Third-Party Support

Take a look at list of 3rd-party components which work with CrossVcl already. We are working everyday on extending this list.

List of 3rd-Party Tools Guide for 3rd-Party Developers

Unsupported Linux

CrossVCL doesn't work properly on some Linux distros. Here is known list:

  • AstroLinux Smolensk 1.6 because of non-standard version of GTK+ (Works fine on AstroLinux CE)
  • ElementatyOS because of issue with GTK+ app and Pantheon desktop


macOS 32-bit: Unsupported since CrossVcl 1.19

macOS 64-bit: Embarcadero Rio or higher

Linux 64-bit: Embarcadero Rio or higher